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About Inspire Talent

Founded in 2015, Inspire Talent is a Human Resources and Talent management consultancy in both public and private sectors with wide experience of providing human resource and talent management solutions in Uganda. We provide these services through a combination of cutting edge ideas, and practical solutions and procedures, which are presented in a clear and unambiguous manner.

Our professional HR consultants are experienced in developing enduring client relationships and ensuring total quality control. With staff whose backgrounds span the private, public and voluntary sectors, our size enables us to form close working relationships, whilst retaining the capacity and expertise within the team to meet a diverse range of challenges.

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Matchmaking Services

Are you ready to settle down and build a life with someone? Ignite Romance is a matchmaking service that aims to connect singles who are interested in getting into a meaningful relationship and...

Interview Coaching

Do you want to ace your next job interview? Work smart with our online interview coaches who will offer expert advice and guidance as you prepare for your interviews.

Talent Management

Organizations who want to identify, nurture and retain superior talent are quickly recognising the benefits of having a structured talent management strategy in place.

Employee Engagement

Organisations who engage with their staff and provide opportunities for them to influence activities are inevitably the ones who are more successful - motivating and retaining talent within their...


Our coaching and mentoring service offers one to one support for managers and executives, enabling them to achieve their full potential and enhance personal impact and performance.

Recruitment Solutions

As part of our recruitment and selection services, Inspire Talent offers a comprehensive range of assessment activities to support you in selecting the right people for your organisation.

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