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The uncertainty and anxiety grows with each passing day, looming like dark clouds before a heavy thunderstorm. The stories are unending, both fake and factual, cynical at times, at best comical, though quite irritating in a period when no one knows what lies ahead!

Companies have laid off their staff, cut back on wages, sent staff on unpaid leave, some have closed business; all of a sudden no paycheck at month end for some of the employees. Your employer has not communicated your fate; but it is evident, that it is just a matter of time before you face the axe.

Rent payment is due in a couple of weeks, your domestic supplies are running out; it’s a full house with all the family at home, children are homeschooling and this requires internet data which is an expense that was never budgeted for, but essential so as to keep the teenagers under control.

With the current COVID situation, full of uncertainties, it is evident that we have to adjust to the new normal; whether it’s a career change, adding a new skill, lifestyle change; we have to make life changing decisions that will have an impact on us and our families.

Do you need to vent, talk, offload?

Life can be a rollercoaster and from time to time, we all need some support, whether it is to talk something through, a need for information, help to move life forward. Sometimes we need to step back, reflect and think through several issues; you feel that you need a sounding board to share your fears, your dilemmas and your plans.

You however do not want to be judged, neither do you want your challenges to be known. You need emotional support, a listening ear. Sharing your thoughts with someone neutral will enable you to avoid being defensive and help clarify issues to you. To some, all they need is a long uninterrupted conversation that will provide the much needed relief.

The good news is that a confidential support service is available to give you access to information. Such as advice, emotional support that will help you prepare for and manage all of life’s ups, downs, events and challenges. We work with a pool of professionals in different fields ranging from financial management specialists, lawyers, counseling psychologists and mental health experts.

Whether your issue is personal or work related, we are available on phone, online through Google Chat, Zoom and Whatsapp call. This gives you proactive, early access and intervention support before issues get complex and to crisis point.

At Inspire Talent, we listen!

Edith Nsubuga Kasekende

Human Capital and Talent Management Consultant

Inspire Talent


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